Lloyd Mats
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LUXE: Hand-Crafted Elegance

Lloyd Mats

Availability: In stock (custom made to order)

LUXE™ Mats

Custom Fit, Hand Finished Deep Plush Carpet for your Vehicle

These mats are the ultimate in luxury! This unique, sophisticated and upscale floor mat is sure to please the most discerning driver. A special urethane core and moisture barrier protects your original carpet from spills, moisture and dirt. This feature allows the mat to fit perfectly to the floor, helps prevent slipping and creasing. You won't be disappointed in whatever configuration of mat you order.

Note: These mats should not be installed over existing carpet mats.

Starting from only $141


  • 1/2" thickness of PREMIUM continuous filament nylon yarn, so SOFT you'll want to drive barefoot.
  • Yarn weight of 48 ounces per yard.
  • 11 carpet color options.
  • Scotchguard™ treated to resist stains and soil.
  • Our multi-layer backing includes an extra thick Polyurethane core that provides extra cushioning and insulates against weather and road noise.
  • Waterproof urethane backing protects the original interior carpeting.
  • Wide variety of trademark, lifetstyle and personalized customizing options.
  • TractionBac non-slip natural rubber backing helps to keep your mats in place.
  • All Front Mats have factory compatible anchoring devices to keep Luxe Mats in place for safe operation of your vehicle
  • LUXE mats feature a lifetime warranty